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We will turn legal challenges into smart business solutions.

"When people are pure, laws are useless; when men are corrupt, laws are broken."                                                                       Benjamin  Disraeli



A broad and ever changing space, we think Fintech is an area currently underserved by existing legal practices. We offer experience, value, and quality to businesses operating in the Fintech sector

Legal Counsel

We offer a flexible outsourced legal counsel service to clients looking to get expert advice on their business, but without the extensive costs associated.



We help boutique managers set up; funds, feeder structures, limited partnerships, unit trusts, management agreements, alternative investment strategies



Scott Moncur has been intimately involved as pension specialists, at one time before diversifying he was a certified pension specialist by the Law Society of Scotland.

Our experience in this area enables us to support businesses in the pensions sector, particularly those that will be impacted by the Pensions Dashboard

Green Business 

If you want your business certified as sustainable we have the skills and experience to help you get there.

We can help you develop and implement your Environmental Management System.

N.E.D. Services

We offer our clients affordable, value adding, Non Executive Director services as part of an ongoing package to help support business development. We are experienced in NED work and bring years of business and legal experience to the board.