Pension Legal Services

Fintech innovation has come to the pensions industry and the regulators are promoting more:  the Pensions Dashboard.  Many Fintech firms are turning their innovative approaches to the UK pensions market. With our extensive experience in Open Banking, and specialist experience in pension regulation, we are ideally placed to support these businesses identify their legal obligations.

Why are we in pension business?


Our work with Fintech in open banking let us see that there are synergies within the pension world.  We find the prospects exciting.

Thirty years’ experience working in the pensions industry, means our niche law firm has a lot to offer.  We experienced pension schemes set up before any of us were born; we were part of the internet revolution in personal pension and occupational pension schemes.  We saw through the implementation of A day.  We know UK pensions legislation is extensive, involved difficult and complicated. 

We have a knack of successfully steering our clients along the right path: we can help you.

We think our services add value across the spectrum of businesses, and would be delighted to explore the possibilities of working as your supporting legal service provider, free of charge. If we think we can deliver the kind of service you expect and need, then we will provide you a quote for the costs. No hidden charges, total transparency. Simple.

Who do we work with? 


We specialise in pension legal advice and support to:

  • Pension product providers focused in their work for good customer outcomes  and their best interests;

  • Pension scheme trustees and Scheme Administrators;

  • In house and consultancy pension compliance firms;

  • Advisers to business or retail customers; and

  • Service providers to pension providers, pension schemes, and advisers.

How we will help?


Medici Legal enjoys the positive role as 'strategic enablers' of your firm's growth in your sector.

We will explain what the legislation actually means: all of it as it applies to you. 

Our aim is to demystify regulation and the law and present our understanding in an accessible form which makes sense to you. We do the hard work; research, analysis and summarise raw legislation and regulation to address your needs.  That means you do not waste your time trying to make sense of it on your own; leaving you with more time and better conclusions to focus on your objectives.

We can work with you as if we were your inhouse legal team. Equally we can operate alongside your in-house legal and compliance teams, offering a hand in glove service. Our experience and areas of expertise lend itself well to an outsourced advice service - we will identify the legal issues and the associated legal concerns within the areas of our remit and then report our findings and guidance back to you

See here for more information on our legal service provision.

Where is the legal risk? 


Establishing, operating and administering pension products and pension schemes, and creating products for the pensions professional involves risk. Pensions regulatory  complexity and the contractual nexus supporting pension schemes are the source of legal risk.


The pension professional has many barriers to effective management of product portfolios stemming from the complicated pensions regulatory framework.  The FCA, HMRC, DWP and others have created a kaleidoscopic regulatory framework to take into account. 

Do we need to mention the constant challenge of constant change to deal with?