Sustainable Services

As the world transitions through it's paradigm shift into sustainable business and operations, Medici Legal are looking to support small UK businesses in the process of Green Certification, or enforcing their view of sustainable futures. We see sustainable business being where leadership takes the courage to push boundaries and think pragmatically about sustainability. Our expertise in this area offers a helping hand through the certification process.

Why are we in sustainable business?


The UK is the frontrunner in Europe for sustainable and responsible investment (‘SRI’) according to data published November 2018 by Eurosif, Europe’s sustainable and responsible investment membership organisation. We believe that businesses across the world are going to have to adapt and change to effectively operate in this new environment. This sea change affects everyone. For businesses to be truly sustainable, they must continuously assess their practices and outputs to ensure that neither inputs nor outputs of their business result in depletion or destruction. It is a tough task, and we are by no means near the finish line. We also understand that small businesses struggle to source the capacity to tackle this task on their own.

That is where we come in. Our Green or Sustainable Business Certification service will help small businesses achieve or work out the road map to achieve the standards required to receive funding or become a certified green and sustainable business positive contributor to the economy.

We think our services add value across the spectrum of businesses, and would be delighted to explore the possibilities of working as your supporting legal service provider, free of charge. If we think we can deliver the kind of service you expect and need, then we will provide you a quote for the costs. No hidden charges, total transparency. Simple.

What can Medici do for you?


Advice from lawyers who understand sustainability and ESG issues will be the key to unlocking opportunity, the understanding of risk to you and your customers and what reward will mean. We can support you through the certification process, and the development and implementation of your sustainable management plan.

More specifically, you should receive clear direction to mitigate legal risk to keep you and your business properly constituted, governed, and regulated too.

How we will help?


Medici Legal enjoys the positive role as 'strategic enablers' of your firm's growth in your sector.

We will explain what the legislation actually means: all of it as it applies to you. 

Our aim is to demystify regulation and the law and present our understanding in an accessible form which makes sense to you. We do the hard work; research, analysis and summarise raw legislation and regulation to address your needs.  That means you do not waste your time trying to make sense of it on your own; leaving you with more time and better conclusions to focus on your objectives.

We can work with you as if we were your inhouse legal team. Equally we can operate alongside your in-house legal and compliance teams, offering a hand in glove service. Our experience and areas of expertise lend itself well to an outsourced advice service - we will identify the legal issues and the associated legal concerns within the areas of our remit and then report our findings and guidance back to you

See here for more information on our legal service provision.

Where is the legal risk? 


The search for capital, delivery on sustainable objectives and the increasing regulatory scrutiny on environmental or social issues means legal risk will increase.


The professional business person has many hurdles to overcome, many of these stem from the legislative and regulatory framework or the commercial agreements signed up to: all together these have created a kaleidoscopic regulatory framework to take into account in your business.


Sustainable business innovation has to work within the law; yet the law is a complex ever-changing nexus often seen as not particularly supportive of the implementation of sustainability, environmental or governance objectives.


Sometimes the law is perceived as a barrier because it is seen to be too tricky, costly to comply, prevents or more simply stifles enthusiasm to deliver on your sustainable business goals.  That is the manifestation of your legal risk.