Corporate and commercial legal services for business

So we specialise in financial services, but we are commercial and corporate lawyers to start with.  Our interest in business means we are more than able to work with you for your interests.

Corporate and commercial means many things, to long to list here.  to keep it simple, we handle legal risk management for you and deliver to your legal needs in your day to day business. 

We are delighted to provide leadership on legal risk management to your leadership team, and deliver on the legal services you need. 

We will take the courage to push boundaries, as you need from a  niche law firms like ours

Why do we like working with business?

Businesses owners and managers always want to be successful. More often than not there is a lot of work involved in being successful, legal risk management and legal services delivery being a part of that.

Legal risk management is about knowing what you must do, predicting and reacting to changing relationships and balances of power between you, your suppliers and customers, and of course any regulator: and doing it in the most advantageous way for your business.  

If your business sector is regulated you will have already invested in your own technical experts and specialists.  We bring something in addition to specific technical know how.

We know about legal risk.  We can help you.  We deliver on the legal services you need.

Who do we want to work with?

You, and your leadership team.

How we will help?

Medici Legal Advisers enjoy the positive role as 'strategic enablers' of your firm's growth in the your sector and your plans to maximise your position and relaise your invetment in you business.

Medici Legal will explain what the legislation actually means: all of it as it applies to you. 

Medici Legal demystifies and presents understanding in an accessible form which makes sense. We do the hard work; research, analysis and summarise raw legislation and regulation to address your needs.  That means you do not waste your time trying to make sense of it on your own   That means leaving you with more time and better conclusions to focus on your objectives.

We work with you as if we were your inhouse legal team or with your in-house legal team and compliance teams.   We will identify the legal issues and the associated legal and other risks to work through when it is safer to proceed, what should be avoided, and what may achieve the same objective, by different means for your business.

What can Medici Legal do for you?


We give you the advice we need.


We prepare the paperwork to implement your decisions and tie down your business relationships.

Why you want to get the lawyers in?

We recognise that every player in your industry is dependent on others.  Your industry is subject to regulation.  We can help you manage relationships, deal with legal risk, and understand your rights and obligations.

We support each of the players in that complicated set of relationships on all legal risk and compliance, product development & operation.   We have been involved in business start up and closure and most everything in between, product development, operation and review. 

We are well versed in the law too .

Where is the legal risk?

The business environment, whichever one we work in, means that you are involved in commercial relationships, working to your own industry regulatory framework. 

The professional business person has many hurdles to overcome, many of these stem from the legislative and regulatory framework or the commercial agreements signed up to: all together these have created a kaleidoscopic regulatory framework to take into account in your business. 

You either know you are carrying legal risk, or you do not know how that risk will affect you.

We help you map out the potential cost of not, and the benefit to your business of, managing your legal risk. The talent of your legal team is in recognising how your business could deal with legal risk on a strategic and tactical basis for a smart, profitable business.